What subscriptions does Babbel offer?

  "I want to learn one language" "I want to learn multiple languages" "I want to take part in teacher-led Zoom classes"
Subscription type (follow the link to purchase) Babbel

Babbel as a Gift*
Babbel Complete

Babbel Lifetime*

Babbel as a Gift*
Babbel Live
Babbel app and babbel.com All lessons, one language All lessons, all languages All lessons, all languages + live classes
Podcasts, Games**, Review**
Live classes with
a teacher and small group of students***

Babbel Product Comparison

*one-time purchase, does not renew
**requires vocabulary from completed lessons
***available for French, German, Italian and Spanish

You can find a full explanation of what a subscription gives you access to here

Please note that access to Babbel Live requires a separate subscription, just click here for more information.

What about in the app stores? 

You can also purchase a Babbel subscription through the Apple App Store or Google Play store.   Please note that different prices and conditions may apply in these cases, depending on the app stores’ policies in your country. 




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