How does an upgrade to a different subscription type work?

We currently offer two products, Babbel and Babbel Live. Babbel provides independent online learning at your own pace via our self-study courses, while Babbel Live provides group and private classes with a teacher over Zoom.

Upgrading an existing Babbel Subscription

If you have an existing Babbel subscription and choose to upgrade, it will work the same way as changing a payment plan – the original subscription will be automatically cancelled and the time already paid for will be added on to the first payment period of the new subscription.

This process applies if you upgrade:

  • to a longer Babbel subscription for the same language
  • from a single language Babbel subscription to an all languages subscription
  • from a Babbel Live Group Classes subscription to a Babbel Live Private Classes subscription

If your original subscription was bought via the Apple App Store, it's very important that you cancel this to avoid any further charges.

Upgrading from a Babbel subscription to Babbel Live

If you upgrade from a Babbel subscription to a Babbel Live subscription, then the process works differently.

If you have an existing Babbel subscription, which you purchased through or the Google Play Store, your subscription will be cancelled automatically when you upgrade to Babbel Live. You will then receive an email with a voucher code for access to the self-study courses, which matches the remaining time that was left on your Babbel subscription. You can then redeem this voucher once your Babbel Live subscription expires.

If you have an existing Babbel subscription which you purchased through the Apple App Store, then you will need to cancel this manually after you upgrade to Babbel Live.

Please click here for the steps to cancel an Apple App Store subscription. When your Babbel Live subscription expires, please get back to us and we'll make sure you get access to the self-study courses for any time owed from the App Store subscription.


Upgrading from Babbel Lifetime to Babbel Live

Alternatively, if you have a Babbel lifetime subscription and upgrade to Babbel Live, then your lifetime subscription will not be cancelled. Please contact us after your Babbel Live subscription has ended, we can then provide you with a voucher for access to the self-study courses, which is equivalent to the time that both subscriptions overlapped.



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