Toucan is a browser extension designed to enhance language learning through immersion. By integrating new vocabulary into your daily web browsing, it provides a contextual and practical approach to language acquisition.

Toucan is currently only supported for Chrome and Edge browsers. You can install it directly from the Chrome Web Store or Microsoft Edge Add-ons.

How Toucan works?

Each time you visit a website, Toucan automatically translates certain words and phrases on the page into the language you’re trying to learn. That way, you can learn your new language within the context of one you already know.

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What languages are available in Toucan?

The Toucan browser extension supports learning French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, English, Hebrew, Arabic, and Chinese (Simplified Mandarin) and is optimised for websites in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi, and Korean.

Saved words

The Saved Words feature enables you to store and revisit challenging or interesting vocabulary. You can hoover over any word and click on the save icon in the top right corner. You can then access and review these words by clicking on the book icon, or “Saved” in your settings panel.

Toucan settings

To access Toucan settings, hoover over any translation and clicking the wheel icon. You can also click the jigsaw piece icon next to the address bar on your browser, then click the Toucan icon to open the settings menu. 

Within the settings menu, you can:

  • pause Toucan on specific websites
  • turn Toucan off or on globally
  • select and change the language you are learning
  • adjust your level
  • choose the display alphabet for languages with unique scripts
  • manage your Saved Words for review
  • customise site-specific permissions to control where Toucan activates.

How to delete my Toucan account?

To delete your Toucan account, open the settings and scroll down to the bottom where you can find a button "Delete account".

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