In today's fast-paced world, fitting language learning into your daily routine can be a challenge. Babbel's Audio Recap feature offers a short, audio-only session to consolidate learning after completing a lesson. This allows you to engage with the language effortlessly and fits seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Audio recaps are currently available on the Babbel mobile app and not on desktop. You can download the app from your respective app store or find it here.

What is the Audio Recap?

Audio Recap is a feature within the Babbel app that offers a 10-15 minute audio session to review and practise key concepts from a recently completed lesson. The Audio Recap is a mix of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and cultural insights from the lessons you've completed. It provides you with a guided audio lesson focusing on key vocabulary and practical use of the language.

It's designed to support your learning journey in a hands-free, effortless way, allowing you to immerse yourself in the language during different activities of your day, such as commuting, cooking or working out. This makes learning not only more flexible, but also more integrated into your daily life.

How can I find Audio Recap?

Once you've completed a lesson, the Audio Recap is available to help you review what you've learned. To find it, simply navigate to the Explore tab at the bottom of the app and scroll down to find the Audio Recap.

There you'll see all the available episodes, specifically tailored to the lessons you've just completed, ensuring a relevant and personalised learning experience. Then select the one you want and click play.

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Availability of the Audio Recap

At the moment you can find the Audio Recap on A1/A2 levels in French, German, Italian, Mexican and European Spanish.

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