To highlight your language learning achievements, Babbel provides you with certificates for your completed courses, which you can easily download. Each certificate includes details of the course content and level.

How do I obtain a certificate?

You will receive a certificate for every course level that you complete on Babbel.

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How can I download a certificate from Babbel?

To download your Babbel certificate, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser, go to and log in to your account.
  2. Find your completed course by first clicking on Explore in the top navigation bar and then on See courses in Courses by level.
  3. Select the level and completed course, then click on Download certificate.
  4. To save the certificate to your device, right-click on the certificate in the new tab and select Print. You can then save it as a PDF to your computer.

Babbel certificates can be downloaded only through the Babbel desktop version and are currently not available in the Babbel mobile app.

What information is visible on the certificate?

The certificates issued show your first and last name as entered in your Babbel profile, and list details of the specific language course completed, including the content covered and the proficiency level reached.

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Are Babbel certificates formally recognised?

While Babbel certificates are not formally recognised, they do provide detailed information about the course level and content. These certificates are a great way to showcase your language learning progress and commitment.

What name will appear on my Babbel certificate?

The name displayed on your Babbel certificate will match the first name and last name that you have entered in your Babbel profile. If you need to update this information, you can do so by visiting your profile page on the Babbel website.

Can I print my Babbel certificate?

Yes, you can print your Babbel certificate directly after downloading it. When the certificate opens in a new tab, select ‘Print’ from your browser options, and you can then print it out immediately or save it as a PDF for future printing.

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