What are Stages and how do they work in Review?

Babbel’s Review feature is based on the proven method of spaced repetition, and this is used in our product via Stages. Depending on which stage of the process you’re at with a piece of vocabulary, you’ll see an item more or less often. 


How many Stages are there?

There are six Stages in total, with Stage 1 being a completely new piece of vocabulary, and Stage 6 when it’s in your long-term memory. Each time you review something correctly, it moves up to the next Stage. Here’s the detailed breakdown:

  • If you get something correct, the word or phrase moves up one Stage and becomes due again in 4 to 180 days (depending on the new Stage)
  • If you make one mistake, the item stays on the same Stage and becomes due again the next day
  • If you make more than one mistake, the word or phrase moves down a Stage and becomes due again immediately

In short, words and phrases that come easily to you will end up at a higher Stage and need to be reviewed less. Items you have more difficulty with will have to be reviewed more often until they make it into your long-term memory.

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