Babbel Live: Student Code of Conduct

Brief & purpose

By subscribing to and attending a Babbel Live class, students agree to:

  • treat the teacher and other students and their opinions with respect, cultural sensitivity and politeness;
  • book classes only in good faith and in quantities that reflect their actual availability;
  • make reasonable efforts to attend all booked classes so that other students have fair access to the classes;
  • be responsive during the class, using either the camera or the microphone to communicate and interact - failure to do so will result in being removed from class;
  • participate to the best of their ability;
  • stick to topics related to the subject during classes;
  • join as an individual user and not ‘share’ the class with another student;
  • be supportive and constructive when discussing and giving feedback to other students during group tasks;
  • turn off or keep their mobile phone on silent during a class so as to not distract the rest of the group;
  • attend class from a suitable and appropriate location, in a quiet area, with no distractions or background noise which may disrupt other students or the teacher;
  • join class within the first 10 minutes, after 10 minutes the student will not be let into the class;
  • comply with the Class Cancellation Policy by cancelling class bookings more than 24 hours before the class start time—otherwise late cancellation and missed class fees may apply;
  • report any issues experienced during the class directly to Customer Service.

By subscribing to and attending a Babbel Live class, students agree not to:

  • attend Babbel Live classes if they are younger than 16 years of age;
  • enroll on behalf of someone else, share an account or share a device;
  • share sensitive personal information including any form of contact details with other students and the teacher;
  • use offensive language of any nature when speaking or in the chat, including racist or sexist remarks;
  • attempt to contact the teacher or other students directly;
  • post, share or display anything off-topic, offensive, abusive or illegal in the the classroom;
  • post or upload inappropriate messages, content, unauthorised advertising, promotional material or spam;
  • record the class in any way, this includes screenshots and video recordings.

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