What if I already have a Babbel app subscription when I sign up to Babbel Live?

A Babbel Live subscription includes full access to all of the self-study language courses on the Babbel app and website. 

If you already have a Babbel subscription, and you purchased through Babbel.com or the Google Play Store, your subscription will be cancelled automatically. You will also receive an email with a voucher code for any remaining time that you have left, which you can then redeem once your Babbel Live subscription expires.

* If you purchased your Babbel subscription through the Apple App Store, then you will need to cancel this manually, please click here for the steps to cancel an Apple App Store subscription. When your Babbel Live subscription expires, please get back to us and we'll make sure you get access to the Babbel app for any time owed from the App Store subscription.

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