Purchasing additional Babbel Live classes (Babbel Live Beta)


This article refers to Babbel Live, our online tutoring classes, taught live with a teacher and a small group of students. For help with the Babbel website or the Babbel app, click here.

Please note: Babbel Live is in beta and invitation-only.


Can I get more classes?

Yes, we recently added a One Time Purchase (OTP) option, where you can top up your number of classes by paying for more classes and getting access to them immediately.


How long do my purchased classes last?

When you purchase classes via OTP, you have 30 days to book the classes.

Can I book classes after the expiration date shown in my dashboard?

Yes, as long as you make the booking within 30 days after your purchase (the expiration date), it doesn't matter if the class itself happens after the expiration date. E.g your expiration date is tomorrow, but you want to book now for a class that happens in two days time, you can!

If I buy classes via OTP will my complimentary classes disappear?

No, because you are using the BETA version of Babbel Live, you can purchase more classes via OTP and still keep your 5 complimentary classes per month.

If Babbel cancels a class, will I get reimbursed? 

Yes, you will get a new class to rectify the one you lost from a class cancellation

How do I cancel a class?

If you need to cancel a previously booked class:

  • Log in with your Babbel email and password
  • Click the "Prepare for class" button
  • Once inside the class summary, click "Cancel attendance"

Remember to book a class at an alternative time, to keep your learning progress. 

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