Ask Me Anything featuring Babbel experts

We are pleased to offer live sessions in which our very own language experts discuss key points and questions when learning Spanish! 

The sessions are led by two experts - an English native speaker, and a native Spanish speaker. They last between 30-50 minutes and take place once a week.

The live sessions take place on Facebook and the videos are also available on YouTube

How do the sessions work?

Every week we have a theme ranging from vocabulary and grammar to culture. The topic of the day is shared at the start of each session and often focuses on one of the themes found in Babbel’s lessons.

We welcome questions and you can interact via the messaging feature on Facebook and comments on youtube. If you aren’t available at the time the lesson is streamed, no problem! You can find all sessions in the link above.

Can I request a topic for discussion? 

Of course! All you need to do is send us a message via the feedback form shared at the end of the session. The form is very short and you can also leave your overall feedback regarding the lesson, or ask any more questions which you still might have about the language in general. 

You can also support our experts by sharing the video with friends and hitting the like button.

How do I join?

To join live, like our Facebook page and you'll receive notifications of the upcoming sessions in your feed. 

If you prefer to watch later, you can find all the completed sessions on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.  Make sure to subscribe to be notified of updates!


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