How do I change to a different subscription or payment plan?

If you want to change your subscription and you purchased your subscription through Babbel’s website, changing to a different plan is easy. (It’s also a good decision for your wallet, since our longer subscriptions are a better value for your money!) Here’s how to do it:


  1. Log in to Babbel 
  2. Go to our pricing page
  3. Select the new plan that works for you
  4. Follow the payment instructions

When you follow these instructions, your existing subscription will automatically be cancelled. Better yet, any remaining time left on that subscription will be rounded up to a full month and added onto the first payment period of the new subscription. (For example, if you currently have a three-month subscription and the next payment is due in five weeks, when you upgrade, we’ll convert those five weeks into two months of access and add them onto the new subscription period).

Your new subscription details will be displayed on the Account information page in Profile and settings.


If you purchased your current subscription through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, you’ll need to cancel your subscription there first. If you don’t, you’ll be charged by both the app store and by Babbel. Here’s how to change your subscription on mobile:

  1. Cancel your app store subscription
  2. Log in to Babbel on mobile web or desktop 
  3. Go to our pricing page
  4. Select the new plan that works for you
  5. Follow the payment instructions

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