Review is Babbel’s review feature that automatically reminds you when words and phrases are ready for you to practice. Review is based on the proven method of spaced repetition. That means your personal review intervals are determined for each word or phrase based on how often you’ve reviewed it and how often you get it right. This method helps move vocabulary from your short-term memory into your long-term memory. 

Review is available on desktop via your dashboard and in the Babbel app on your mobile devices.

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How to access Review

On any device, you’ll be able to see a list of all the vocabulary and phrases that you’ve learned so far. You’ll also be prompted to review a batch of items if Review has decided they’re ready for you to look at again. 


On, just click Review at the top of the screen in the navigation bar.


On mobile, tap Review at the bottom of the screen.


What is spaced repetition?

Spaced repetition is a concept from psychology, and it’s based on time intervals. It emphasizes that learning and retention are more effective if you take time between learning new concepts and then repeat them over time. Researchers have been studying this effect for over 100 years, but if you want to read some more recent studies on its effectiveness, you can find two here and here.


How does this apply to vocabulary in the Babbel app?

Items come up in Review after a lesson is completed and in the days and weeks that follow. Each time you repeat a new word or phrase and get it correct, it will move up a Stage. If you keep getting it correct, the time until you practice it again increases. After all those Stages are done, Review determines that the item is in your long-term memory. In this way, Babbel doesn’t just help you memorize vocabulary – it helps you truly learn a language.


How long are the Review intervals?

For each Stage a word or phrase moves up, the longer the interval before it will need to be reviewed again. At the beginning – or when you’ve made only one mistake – the interval is only one day. On the second Stage, it’s four days, then seven, then 14, and then 60 days. Once a word reaches the sixth Stage, it will be six months before it is due for review again.

  • Stage 1 = one day
  • Stage 2 = four days
  • Stage 3 = seven days
  • Stage 4 = fourteen days
  • Stage 5 = sixty days
  • Stage 6 = six months


What’s the best way to use Review?

In order to commit vocabulary to your long-term memory, you need to practice often and at optimally spaced intervals. For this reason, we recommend using Review regularly — ideally every time you use Babbel. 

The good news is that you don’t need to worry about reviewing at the right time! Review reminds you automatically and knows exactly what vocabulary to present to you for optimum learning.

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