How can I delete vocabulary from Review?

If you haven’t used Babbel for a while, or perhaps you took a course that is a bit too complicated for you, you might want to delete vocabulary from Review. When you do that, these items won’t come up in your future review sessions. Here’s how to remove vocabulary from Review:

  1. Go to your Babbel dashboard on a computer
  2. Click Practice in the top navigation bar
  3. Click My Vocab
  4. Find the relevant words or phrases you want to delete (the search bar and filter dropdown make this easy)
  5. Find the trash icon on the right-hand side of the page
  6. Click the trash icon to delete the item

Note: You can only delete items from Review on desktop, but deleting any items will be reflected across all of your devices.

Read more about how to customize your review options here.

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