What options do I have for reviewing vocabulary in Review?

In order to get new vocabulary from your short-term memory into your long-term memory, Babbel recommends that you use Review after each time you take a lesson. In order to best remember these words and phrases, we’ve equipped Review with four different ways for you to practice: 

  • Writing – type the word or phrase required
  • Flashcards – try to remember the translation, then click or tap the flashcard to check if you were right
  • Speaking – speak the word or phrase shown*
  • Listening – listen to the word, then select the correct multiple choice answer

Each of these four options is available on both desktop and in the Babbel app.  

*please see our system requirements for Speaking when you use Review on desktop.

Review these items

On desktop, you have the option to Review your Vocab whenever you want, even when it's not up for Review according to Spaced repetition. You can either choose to review all your Vocab or words from one of your Stages. Simply select All or a Stage and click Review these items.


Review these items works just like your normal Review with one exception - it will not change the Stage of what you Review. That means you are free to revisit your Vocab as often as you like, without affecting your Spaced repetition.

Play all

In our apps for iOS and Android, you can listen to your Vocab with Play all. You can either choose to listen to all your Vocab or select just a specific Stage.



we are constantly working to develop and improve our product. If your Review looks different from the images here, it means you might be one of a group of people that get to try out a new feature before we release it to everyone.

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