Everyday conversations is a feature of the Babbel app designed to improve your conversational skills. This tool allows you to practice real-life conversations at your own pace, improving your conversational skills and boosting your language confidence.

Everyday conversations are currently available on the Babbel mobile app and not on desktop. You can download the app from your respective app store or find it here.

What are Everyday conversations?

Everyday conversations is a dynamic feature within the Babbel app, specifically crafted to enhance your conversational skills through simulated dialogues that mirror real-life interactions. This tool engages you in dialogues across a multitude of everyday topics, emphasizing active listening and responsive speaking.

How to use Everyday conversations?

To access the Everyday conversations feature, simply click on the Explore tab at the bottom of the Babbel app. Next follow three easy steps: 

  1. Choose a dialogue based on your interests from a selection of common everyday scenarios.
  2. Listen to the dialogue first to understand the context and familiarise yourself with the vocabulary used. You can jump straight to speaking if you prefer.
  3. Listen to the dialogue again and click on the microphone button to speak your part.

After speaking your parts, you will also receive feedback based on speech recognition technology in the form of a bubble size and colour to help you assess your performance. This tells you how well your answers are being understood.

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Availability of Everyday conversations

At the moment you can explore conversations on A1/A2 levels in French, German, Italian, Mexican and European Spanish.


Benefits of Everyday conversations

Everyday conversations improves your language skills by engaging you in realistic dialogues that reflect everyday interactions. This feature allows you to practice phrases and using appropriate vocabulary in a safe space that emphasises clear communication over perfect pronunciation.

You have the freedom to choose dialogues that pique your interest, making the learning process both effective and enjoyable and the feedback you receive is will help you conveniently track your progress, steadily building your confidence and preparing you for real-life conversations.


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