Note: Limited Release

This article refers to a new feature which currently has limited availability to certain users, learning levels and language combinations. 

Units in Babbel consist of a small set of learning activities that are thematically grouped together. Each unit is purposefully handcrafted by our linguistic experts, to help you reach your learning objectives, one bite-sized milestone at a time. Together they form your learning plan which will help you keep track of what you’ve learned so far, and what you’ll learn next.

You can access units through your Home tab.


Can't see units yet?

Units in Babbel are a new and evolving feature. For now, they’re only available on limited release for certain users, learning levels and language combinations. Once they are available to you, your current learning progress is not affected; you keep your past progress, and based on that, you can see what units you’ve already completed. More units will be added to additional languages and levels in the future.

What happens after I finish all available units?

Since units are available only up to a certain level, learning activities after that level are organised into courses. So, once you’ve completed all units, you can move to the next available course for you.

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