How do I know my level? (Babbel Live)

We use the CEFR framework to guide our lesson levels. If you’re not sure of your level, you can take a placement quiz:

German placement quiz

Spanish placement quiz

French placement quiz

Italian placement quiz 

Your result will identify your learning level, from newcomer (A1) to proficient (C2).  

Select your class in the My level box on the right of the homepage, and you will see all the available classes in that level. If, after a few lessons, you find them too easy or too difficult, we encourage you to try the level one higher or one lower for a couple of classes too, and see what works best.


Can I change my level?

Yes, you can move up or down a level to find classes that suit you best.

To change your learning level:

  1. On the right side of your homepage, you will see My level.
  2. Select the new level you want to try.
  3. The upcoming classes section will update to show classes from that new level only.
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