Joining a Babbel Live class (Babbel Live Beta)


This article refers to Babbel Live, our online tutoring classes, taught live with a teacher and a small group of students. For help with the Babbel website or the Babbel app, click here.

Please note: Babbel Live is in beta and invitation-only.

How do I access Babbel Live?

To access Babbel Live, simply log in and choose the language you are learning.

How do I prepare for a Live class?

You can use the Babbel app and access the "More Courses" section, where you can browse for lessons that have a similar topic to your booked Live class.

After attending the Live class, you will receive a recommendation for Babbel lessons that reinforce the learnt concepts.

How do I download Zoom?

Please make sure that you download and install Zoom before your class starts.

How do I use Zoom?

Here are some general instructions on how to use the Zoom platform.

For your first class, we recommend you log in and join the class a bit early, so you can check that everything works.

While taking a class, we encourage you to keep the microphone and video on, so your teacher will be able to understand and guide you better, and to make the class more enjoyable for everyone.

When should I mute myself? 

The teacher will give you instructions at the beginning and throughout the class, so all you need to do is follow them. If you are in a loud place, your teacher may ask you to mute yourself between interactions, to ensure that everyone can hear each other well.

What system preferences do I need?

You don't need any specific system preferences. The downloaded version of Zoom will work well with Babbel Live.

How do I receive feedback after the class?

Our teachers will provide you with feedback on your pronunciation and language skills during the class, to ensure you can ask any follow up questions. 

Once the class has finished, you will not receive performance feedback, so we encourage you to work on the points that your teacher mentioned during class.

How do I know if I passed a level?

Babbel Live classes will not have any final exam or assessment of your level at the end of the course.
In analyzing our learners, we’ve assessed  that if you’ve attended at least 90% of the classes in a course, you have acquired the language skills of that level and are able to move on to the next level.

How do I share this with a friend/relative?

You are currently using a closed Beta, which means the product is not fully shareable yet. Once we are ready to be shared openly, we will let you know! 

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