How to give feedback to the Babbel Live team (Babbel Live Beta)


This article refers to Babbel Live, our online tutoring classes, taught live with a teacher and a small group of students. For help with the Babbel website or the Babbel app, click here.

Please note: Babbel Live is in beta and invitation-only.

I want to give feedback on the classes or the teacher

We’re happy to receive any feedback on our new Babbel Live classes, you can contact us via email at  If it concerns a specific class please let us know more details about the situation, as well as what day, time, lesson topic it happened on, and we will get back to you very soon.

Can I have classes at a different time than offered?

Please let us know what days and times would be most convenient for you, and we will make sure to make them available soon.

Can I suggest other lesson topics?

Please let us know what lesson topics you would like to see in your classes, and we will make sure to make them available soon.

Can I learn another language?

At the moment we only offer English, Spanish and German. Let us know what language you would like to learn with Babbel Live, and we will look into it.


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