Does Babbel offer podcasts?

Does Babbel offer podcasts?

Yes! We offer a number of podcasts, teaching different languages at varying levels. They are available via Spotify, Apple Music, Spreaker and also in the Babbel app! 

Here are the podcasts we offer, along with links to the transcripts (where available):

Learning Podcasts

Beginner Spanish for English speakers A Zero to a Hero (transcripts)
Beginner Spanish for English speakers Babbel Mixtapes: Learn Spanish Through Music
Intermediate to Advanced Spanish Palabras Bravas
Beginner Italian for German speakers Italien in Petto (transcripts)
Intermediate Italian La bottega di Babbel (transcripts)
Beginner French for English speakers Parlez Away
Beginner English for German speakers Auf Sprachreise (transcripts)
Beginner English English Trips (transcripts)
Beginner English for French speakers Destination : anglais !
Beginner English for Italian speakers Prossima fermata: inglese (transcripts)
Intermediate to Advanced English Sam and Ted’s Famous Last Words
Business English Talking on the Job
Beginner German for English speakers Speaking of Berlin (transcripts)


Culture Podcasts

 Advanced English  Multilinguish
 Advanced Spanish  Habitantes Babbel
 Advanced Italian  4 Verticale
 Advanced Italian  La Linguacciuta

A full list of podcasts with subscription options is available here.

How can I listen?

The easiest way to listen to our podcasts is to download the Babbel app to your mobile device. Just tap Explore and then Audio, here you will find the relevant podcasts for your language combination. 

You can download the Babbel app here: 


If you’d like to subscribe to a Babbel Podcast through Apple or Spotify, you can find the instructions here.



When will new episodes be released?  

The easiest way to know is by subscribing to the podcast on one of its platforms. The more subscribers a podcast has also means that there is more of a chance new episodes will be released! 

How can I give feedback about podcasts?

To get in touch with our podcast team just send an email to: (please also reference the podcast/episode you are contacting us about). 

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