Enjoy a £10 MasterCard gift card for each friend who subscribes to a 3-monthly Babbel subscription. Your friend gets 1 month for free too!

How does Babbel Refer a Friend Program work? 

  • Share your personal invite link with friends 

All Babbel subscribers can participate in the referral program. 

Web: https://home.babbel.com/invite?traffic_source=CS-FAQs 

App: Profile > Settings > Invite friends

  • Friends sign up using your link with a unique code

Your friends will receive a unique code in the link that you send them. If they purchase a 3-monthly subscription, then they will get an additional month for free. 

  • You get rewarded

 For every friend who subscribes to Babbel using the invite link, you earn a £10 MasterCard gift card (redeemable in local currency).


What kind of rewards are offered for participating in the referral program?

The currency and value of the reward you receive for participating in Babbel Refer a Friend depends on your location. The following gift cards are available: 

USA: $10 Amazon gift card

UK: £10 MasterCard gift card

CAN: C$10 MasterCard gift card

EU: €10 MasterCard gift card  (Spain: €10 Amazon gift card) 

Brazil: $5 Visa gift card

Note: All rewards are redeemable globally in your local currency. If you are located in a country outside of the ones mentioned above, the value of the reward is equivalent to 10 EUR, in your local currency at the exchange rate on the day of redemption.

Rewards outside of the USA are managed by global gift card provider Rybbon. In case you face issues with redemption process contact: help.rybbon.net


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