Adding your learning language to the iOS System Keyboard

If you’re using Babbel on an iPhone or iPad and can’t see the special characters on the system keyboard, you need to add the language you’re learning to your system keyboard in iOS settings.

To add the keyboard for your learning language on your iPhone or iPad:

1. Tap on Settings
2. Scroll down and tap on General
3. Scroll down and tap on Keyboard (in one of the lower menus)
4. Tap on Keyboards (should be the top item in the Keyboard screen)
5. Tap on Add New Keyboard
6. Scroll down to the Keyboard Language of your chosen learning language and select it

You have now installed the keyboard. To activate it, follow the instructions below.


To use your new keyboard:

1. Open the Babbel app on your iPhone or iPad
2. When on a lesson requiring text input, tap and hold the globe icon at the bottom (the ball with curved lines in the lower left corner)
3. Scroll to the keyboard for your chosen learning language
4. Your standard default keyboard will now be that new keyboard until you switch it back

Note: Once you’ve finished with your Babbel lesson, you can easily switch between keyboards by holding down the globe key at the bottom of the keyboard.

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