How to find courses for your goals

Babbel offers 60,000 lessons across our different levels and topics, so it’s important to find the learning content that matters most to you. Once you’ve determined your learning goals, here’s how you can go about selecting the relevant courses.

Where to find the basics 

If you’re starting from the very beginning and want to understand the basics of a language, it’s best to start with our progressive content. These are our core lessons that take you step-by-step through a new language, much like how you’d learn in a classroom. They naturally build on each other over time, so they’re also a great place to start if you’re learning to keep your brain sharp.

To find the progressive content on desktop, click on Explore in the top navigation bar and then Courses by level. From there, you can select content based on your current learning level. 

To find this content in the Babbel app, tap on Explore on the bottom navigation bar and then Courses. At the top of the page, you can click the top bar and you’ll see all of the available courses for your language. Everything from Newcomer to Advanced is a progressive course.  

Read here for more information on how to find your learning level.

Where to find travel content

If you’re learning a language for your upcoming trip, it’s a good idea to switch between progressive content (where you can learn the basics) and lessons with a travel focus. You can find this content under Explore and Courses by theme on desktop, or in the dropdown selector under Explore > Courses in the Babbel app. 

On all devices, you can find our travel learning content in the course category Countries and Traditions. You’ll also be able to find extra travel content under the course category Words and Sentences, and some languages have more practise travel content under Listening and Speaking.

Tip: Every course and every lesson that we offer comes with a helpful description. If you already planned your trip, for example, you can use the course descriptions to find courses most relevant for you. 

Where to find business content

If you’re learning a language to boost your career you’ll benefit from mixing together progressive and more specialised content. You can find all of Babbel’s career-based learning content under Explore and Courses by theme on desktop, or in the dropdown selector under Explore > Courses in the Babbel app. 

For most languages, you can find the business content within the Countries and Traditions course category. Other languages have a dedicated course category just for business language and phrases.

Where to find cultural content

One of the things that sets Babbel apart is our wide range of learning content that focuses on culture. All of our cultural content can be found under Explore and Courses by theme on desktop, or in the dropdown selector under Explore > Courses in the Babbel app. 

While there are many courses that feature this specialised content, you can always find cultural lessons in the Countries and Traditions course category. This is where you’ll find courses on Oktoberfest, Italian cuisine, French slang, and many more topics. If you’re still looking for more cultural content, take a peek in the Words and Sentences or the Specials categories. 

How to find other content 

Each language that Babbel offers has slightly different course content based on the challenges and the cultural aspects of the language (that’s part of what makes language learning fun!). That’s why we encourage all of our learners to explore the app at the beginning of their learning journey. 

Take some time and take a look around the course categories to see which courses are most interesting for you. Here you can find extra courses to hone your pronunciation of tricky letters, perfect your grammar skills, learn the 100 most important words of your new language, or even prepare for a year abroad. These lessons add a personal touch to your learning experience and will keep you motivated throughout your learning journey.


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