What's included in a Babbel subscription?

When you subscribe to Babbel, you get full access to all courses and levels in the language you selected. This includes progressive lessons from Newcomer level upwards, and also supplementary lessons on a wide range of topics including culture, useful holiday phrases, grammar, and more.

You can also choose a course to suit your current ability and learning goals — you don’t need to start from the beginning if you have more experience. All you need to do is select the course you’d like to study from the Courses menu.

You also get full access to the Review feature, which stores all of your words and phrases from your completed lessons so you can revisit vocabulary on a regular basis and really make it stick in your long-term memory.

You can access your lessons across multiple devices by visiting Babbel.com on a desktop computer, or via the Babbel app on a mobile device. We recommend taking at least one lesson and completing at least one review session a day to really make your learning stick.

*Please note that access to Babbel Live requires a separate subscription, just click here for more information.

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