What subscriptions does Babbel offer?

Babbel offers subscription plans which renew once every three months, once every six months, or once a year. Each subscription gives you access to learn one language at babbel.com and in our mobile app. You can find a full explanation of what a subscription gives you access to here

All of our subscriptions unlock the same features – the only difference between the plans is the value for your money. You can see all of Babbel’s prices and how often you’ll be charged here on our price page

What about in the app stores? 

You can also purchase a Babbel subscription through the Apple App Store or Google Play store.   Please note that different prices and conditions may apply in these cases, depending on the app stores’ policies in your country.


*Please note that access to Babbel Live requires a separate subscription, just click here for more information. 


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