A streak is a feature designed to help you build and maintain a consistent learning habit. It keeps track of the consecutive days that you engage in any learning activity with Babbel.

How does a streak work?

Every day you complete a learning activity, your streak increases by an additional day. For example, if you learn on Monday and continue learning every day until Wednesday, you'll have a three-day streak.

To keep your streak going, you need to learn every day. If you go a day without completing an activity, your streak will reset to zero at midnight.

Where do I see my streak?

The feature is automatically activated when you complete a learning activity. You will see the streak flame with your count in the top right corner in the Babbel app or the website dashboard.

What activities count towards my streak?

Any learning activity you complete via the app or browser will count towards your streak! Learning activities include: Babbel Live classes, app lessons, Review sessions, games, podcasts (in-app), Everyday Conversations, and Audio Recap.

How do I maintain my streak?

Complete at least one learning activity everyday! You can also check our tips on effective learning or learning habits.

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