Phishing alert: Fake Babbel emails and invoices circulating

March 2023

We've been made aware that there are fake Babbel emails circulating with a subject line confirming a subscription to Babbel, with an invoice attached.  The invoices are personalised by the scammer to your name and may look genuine.  Please take care to check the sending email address - genuine Babbel emails will always come from an email ending in  If you have received a mail matching this description, do not reply to the message, do not carry out any instructions that may be contained inside it and do not open any attachments, as they could contain malware.

Genuine Babbel emails will always be sent from an email address that ends in "", for example,,,
Babbel will never use another provider (such as Gmail, AOL, or similar) or a different domain altogether to send emails to our customers.

Tips to identify fraudulent emails:

  • The email might come from an unusual email address.
  • The email gives other contact information that is different to those listed on our contact page.
  • A link in the message looks right, but it takes you to another site that is not
  • The formatting of the message looks different than our usual emails.
  • The email requests personal information, such as credit card information or your passwords.
  • The email is unsolicited and contains an attachment.

If you believe the email is fraudulent, do not reply to the message, do not open any attachments, and do not share any personal information.

If in any doubt whether a Babbel email is genuine, you can always check by contacting us directly.


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